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Venues in israel


this is the guide will help you find a venue for your wedding day in israel


Finding The Perfect wedding Venue In Israel


This guide will help you understand how to choose the right wedding venue in Israel that suits your personal style for your wedding day


With so many special and unique places you can get married in the Land of Israel, such as a wedding in the heart of the desert or the snowy north on Mount Hermon, the task of organizing a wedding and finding a suitable place for your wedding day in israel can be a difficult task, especially if you do not live in Israel and its your first time here.

First thing first, you may want to set a budget. That is, if you close a deal with an expensive venue, you can find yourself without a budget for a photographer or a disc jockey, Or anything else in your planning.

Second, prepare yourself with preliminary research about the venues in Israel. This will be done with a google sheets chart (link below) containing all the ideas, places, prices and phone numbers that are needed, So you can always go back to the document and examine it in an orderly fashion, without losing your sanity.

In which region do you marry in Israel?
When you start looking for the right place to marry in Israel, you need to decide in which region you will be marrying; maybe in the Negev ( Israeli desert), or by the sea in caesarea. When discussing the location of the wedding event it is important to take into account the matter of arrival of guests to the venue; A wedding in the Negev will make it difficult for guests to arrive because of the long distance .The choice of the geographical area may however be difficult, but you'll be rewarded with stunning landscape on your wedding photos.

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What kind of place?
Define the kind of place you would like to have your wedding. A venue? maybe it's not your thing, Perhaps you prefer an intimate ceremony at a the home of a family member or a friend ? Still need to have someone that can accommodate this kind of event. A more unusual place?  Like a wedding in the forest that allows guests to enter a different and unique atmosphere. The vast green around it gives the feeling of a trip in a distant place. find a place with character, a surprising place that would bring an original touch to this beautiful day.

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How to look for this place?
First start searching via the Internet. You will often fall on typical sites like: urbanbridesmag or myday that allow to search by criteria. If you have a little money, you can have your place searched by a wedding planner who will find places that meet your criteria. You can also inquire other people, talk to your friends, your family, word of mouth recommendation can be a reliable source.



Questions you need to ask yourself to fill  your wedding planing chart:

  • Name of Venue
  • Geographical are ( location)
  • Guest Capacity
  • Availability:
  • Type: hotel, nature wedding( forest/ desert/beach), restaurant.
  • Rates
  • Website: so you can remind yourself with photograph on the venue’s web.
  • Restrictions: Are there restrictions on the venue as specific termination times that can affect your final choice.
  • Parking and transportatio


Your little wedding planner google sheets chart:

wedding venue in israel chart.jpg

click here for the chart:

Visit the place
Once your short-list is established, it is necessary to move, make appointments and visit the places. It is recommended to visit several venues to be sure of your choice.
Visiting several places is important, especially if you live far away! You will not have the opportunity to go there every four mornings! Take a lot of pictures so you can see how the venue looks in case you forget.

Below you'll find  a checklist of questions to ask when visiting a venue in israel:

- What is included in the price and what is not?
- Are there noise and time restrictions?
- What is the seating capacity of the place for a seated dinner?
- Should we remove the tables to dance where is there enough room not to remove     them?
- Are there any works planned?
- Will other weddings be celebrated in this place on our date?
- Can we house guests on site?
- Are there many hotels, lodges and bed and breakfast in the area?
- Is there an office for the caterer? Is accessibility easy?
- Is there parking?
- Is there a room for children?
- Will the person in charge of the place be present on the day of the wedding?
- What is the electrical installation capacity?
- What is forbidden?
- Can we have things delivered before the date?
- What are the payment methods ?


Good now, the hardest is behind us! The red carpet of preparations is taking place in front of us!























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